Introducing your puppy to grooming

The grooming parlour can be a very scary place.  If not handled correctly a dog can have a lifetime of anxious and unhappy grooms.  I offer FREE introductions to the grooming salon.  This consists of a few 20 minute sessions where your puppy comes to meet me, plays, has treats and is gradually introduced to the bath, the drier, clippers etc.  I can also explain the best home grooming equipment to purchase and little training exercises to do to help your puppy transition easily to the grooming parlour. This is all the more important for those high maintenance breeds such as the poodle and bichon crosses.  They will need regular 4-8 week grooming and so we want their grooming time to be enjoyable.  These introductions can take place after their first vaccination.  If you would like to book in for your first free session then please call, text, email or message through facebook